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Why do we writers write?

Because there’s a need – to make sense of our life. I write because I am a writer and like most writers, if things aren’t written down, I don’t understand them. It’s about letting a story unfold and being able to amuse me. Because if I cry and laugh and

Trashing the sense of guilt

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you keep on saying to yourself that you are fine but you know you are lying? Maybe one day you had a strange friction inside your chest. An annoying voice talking loud to your ears on another one. You know

Change always comes when you forget its existence

I read my last blog post while a shy smile appears on my face. I feel that in a mere temporal space of 20 days, my life has literally been thrown inside a washing machine while the spinning button is stuck on the maximum power. I am writing through a

The girl with a red typewriter

There was a time when nothing could be written down. This went on for a couple of years. It was only happening those times when was a physical need. Throwing out pains, loves and maybe calamities. All at once. A full night asleep, staring at the moon and crying my soul

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