Tag: reflections

Pai – a walk in the green

This small town in the northernmost part of Thailand is well known among tourists (mostly backpackers) as a relaxed alternative to the city. In fact, Pai is nothing but a very small village (made of literally 2 streets) but with lots to offer in the surroundings. Here there are countless

Twelve years after I still miss you

I once read about a writer who went to assist an autopsy. All her life she had been an atheist but having seen all the tiny connections of a dead human body ‘made her rethink about the possibility of an existing God‘ – she wrote. We are literally inhabiting a magical box. I remember

The key is to live this moment

Yesterday I met someone with whom something special happened last year, during the summer. We spent more time texting than in real life, as it was a quick summer romance thing. Very strong I have to say, it was beautiful. But many people on holidays experience that and probably each

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