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Why do we writers write?

Because there’s a need – to make sense of our life. I write because I am a writer and like most writers, if things aren’t written down, I don’t understand them. It’s about letting a story unfold and being able to amuse me. Because if I cry and laugh and

Twelve years after I still miss you

I once read about a writer who went to assist an autopsy. All her life she had been an atheist but having seen all the tiny connections of a dead human body ‘made her rethink about the possibility of an existing God‘ – she wrote. We are literally inhabiting a magical box. I remember

For the love of her

  I was waiting at the door. Me and my backpack outside. The rain pouring down even though the air was warm. Humid but warm. My finger stuck on the doorbell button, I was looking through the big window of the living room to see if my eyes could meet

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