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Madeira island

I spent on and off about a year and a half in Portugal. Compared to other Southern European communities, the Portuguese kind and laid back attitude is probably my favourite. Maybe it’s not a chance my last month in this country was in Madeira. Being from an island myself, I like

Writing resources

Wherever you stand in your writing journey, I would like to suggest some resources. Feel free to add more in the comments.   You  That’s right. You are your best creative tool. In schools, we are whipped with strict methods and then we grow up – at least on the

Why do we writers write?

Because there’s a need – to make sense of our life. I write because I am a writer and like most writers, if things aren’t written down, I don’t understand them. It’s about letting a story unfold and being able to amuse me. Because if I cry and laugh and

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