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The days we live

…aren’t like invisible small dots on a plain canvas of possibilities? But still, how much do they really matter to ourselves? Working towards the things I love is what helps me to make sense of my dry, daily performances. It is very easy to feel great when travelling full time

353 days since I quit smoking (and why you shouldn’t do it)

Maybe I truly never thought too much about how many days have passed by. But as I am back in that place where out of the blue, one morning, I said Alright, I don’t want to smoke anymore! I feel I need to write down my reflections about it. I started smoking

Cleaning pathways in Ikaria

It was a very boring Sunday at work in the Netherlands when I came across an article about volunteering on the Greek island of Ikaria. I knew something about this place because of Greek friends talking about this ‘wild’ spot, where nature is rough and hiking is as pure as in

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