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Trashing the sense of guilt

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you keep on saying to yourself that you are fine but you know you are lying? Maybe one day you had a strange friction inside your chest. An annoying voice talking loud to your ears on another one. You know

353 days since I quit smoking (and why you shouldn’t do it)

Maybe I truly never thought too much about how many days have passed by. But as I am back in that place where out of the blue, one morning, I said Alright, I don’t want to smoke anymore! I feel I need to write down my reflections about it. I started smoking

My feet are itching!

My latest and greatest effort is staying faithful to a life of dreams and authentic things while living in a society and loaded in a dry corporation . Days go by because hours of my life are ticking on the clock of my biological life which won’t last forever. But yet,

Why I am not sorry anymore

I used to be sorry in my past for the person I was turning into but it has been a while I stopped. You know why? Because people, no matter how deeply they love you, they always will do what is better for themselves. I do believe, after all, that

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