Category: Inspirations

H o m e

I used to think of home as a physical place — until life took its course laughing at my so-well-made plans and habits. My parents passed away, my brother and I left, the building was sold. Maybe because my nature has always been the one of a wanderer, I kind

Eight steps to happiness

1. You may need to try different things to understand what is that you really want (and who you are) At the end of 2016, I had already changed various countries and jobs putting a ‘6 months patch’ to my recurring boredom. But there I was, again, in the same

The days we live

…aren’t like invisible small dots on a plain canvas of possibilities? But still, how much do they really matter to ourselves? Working towards the things I love is what helps me to make sense of my dry, daily performances. It is very easy to feel great when travelling full time

For the love of her

  I was waiting at the door. Me and my backpack outside. The rain pouring down even though the air was warm. Humid but warm. My finger stuck on the doorbell button, I was looking through the big window of the living room to see if my eyes could meet

Breaking my old shell

I had this dream some weeks ago. There were many people and there was a friend of mine among them. This guy has big, hypnotic eyes. All I could see into this crowd were just his eyes. These two big and bright brown eyes sparkling in the middle of a silent and

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