Category: Depression

Trashing the sense of guilt

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you keep on saying to yourself that you are fine but you know you are lying? Maybe one day you had a strange friction inside your chest. An annoying voice talking loud to your ears on another one. You know

And what we do…

…when faith feels like fading away? When the alarm clock rings in the morning and we don’t have the energy to wake up? Day, after day… And what about when, after so many years spent singing loudly inside our car on Saturday nights with our best friend, after all the laughs and


  You are standing on the last step of a very tall ladder. No matter if you bend forward. No matter if you look back down, turning your head.   Vertigo is a state.   Everything in your life, doesn’t just look – impossible. Everything is impossible.   Your soul

When I need to be sad

There were times in my past I used to fight many things. When I was in college I wanted to change the world. I wanted to write awesome articles, take notes about social injustices and give a voice to the forgotten innocents.  When I was in primary school, aged 6, I

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