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Syros – 7 hours to fall in love

This year I am spending lots of time on some Greek islands (Naxos, Rhodes and Crete, so far). Each one is pretty much unique, and Greece is always home for me. But Syros wasn’t even supposed to be on this website; its beauty took me completely by surprise. It all

Greece – Hikes in Santorini

I’ll be honest – Santorini was a surprise. I ended up there (almost) by chance. I found a cheap connection to Sicily after a month in Crete, but before booking the flight I was a bit hesitant. Would it be too expensive for my standards? Too touristy and maybe overcrowded? Its

My hellenism

My surname in Greek means “golden leaf”. I can vividly remember my dad telling about our far (far, far, far) Greek roots. The part of Sicily where my dad was born and raised was once known as Magna Grecia. As a witness of this, today we still have stunning examples

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