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Stardust in La Palma

“The first time I realized the Earth wasn’t flat was on the island of La Palma. When I landed in Santa Cruz though, all I wanted was a place to finish my poetry book…” ‘Eres sola?’ The taxi driver’s smile shakes my tiredness. His black curls are a hundred silhouettes

Syros – 7 hours to fall in love

This year I am spending lots of time on some Greek islands (Naxos, Rhodes and Crete, so far). Each one is pretty much unique, and Greece is always home for me. But Syros wasn’t even supposed to be on this website; its beauty took me completely by surprise. It all

My 3 days in Florence (and one walking itinerary for you)

Being myself Italian, there are lots of things I can’t enjoy as much as a foreigner in Florence. However, the mouthwatering walks early in the morning when the buttery croissant pastry is still in baking mode is one of the first things that can always hit me – as if

My first backpack and the Irish

‘I need to buy a backpack. I am going to Ireland’  I announced one morning to my parents at the end of the Journalism summer term. I was 18 years old. My dad paused his espresso cup halfway to his Greek looking moustache and brushed mom with a severe look. Sat

Madeira island

I spent on and off about a year and a half in Portugal. Compared to other Southern European communities, the Portuguese kind and laid back attitude is probably my favourite. Maybe it’s not a chance my last month in this country was in Madeira. Being from an island myself, I like

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