Category: Present

The locked room

There’s a room with lots of words.   I love you I am not enough I shouldn’t do this That’s too much …   I keep walking inside the room, looking at all I see. I can touch these words. They seem real. When I have enough, because there is

Drunk from life

I woke up a bit more than one hour ago, feeling fairly well. I slept like 6 hours, maybe more. I was a bit exhausted from the tours and walks of two days ago. I set up myself here in my living room, with my coffee and everything ready to work. Started

New beginnings

A couple of months ago, I settled myself in the Algarve through a permaculture volunteering project. I was as empty as a bottle of water left covered by desert sand for weeks. It was the second stop of a solo travel with no final destination. This trip had nothing to

353 days since I quit smoking (and why you shouldn’t do it)

Maybe I truly never thought too much about how many days have passed by. But as I am back in that place where out of the blue, one morning, I said Alright, I don’t want to smoke anymore! I feel I need to write down my reflections about it. I started smoking

The brain watcher

Brain watching, unlikely bird watching, is my favourite hobby when the bad, uncomfortable, unnecessary thoughts start to kick in. I can already feel it in the air before the time. Maybe it’s when I am a bit tired or maybe I had drunk too much the night before. Regardless of

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