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Tips for (long term) travellers on a budget

#1 Travel overnight It saves you the accommodation price, and once you get to your destination, you’ll have a full day ahead. If you choose to sleep at the airport, make sure no one will kick you out via This website provides worldwide airport info (i.e., search for JFK

Since I have been living my way

Every day is truly a new day. There is a recycling of energies and ideas and colors that give me life. I feel I am finally holding the right brush to paint my days just as I want them to be. Since I left Holland and a permanent job, as

I knew this day would have come

The day I am exactly where I wanted to be.   I quit my job because I want to be in a warm place. I quit my job because for the last couple of months I used to wake up with a rusted grip inside. The issue was not my

My life inside a 40LT backpack

Even if I wouldn’t name myself an experienced traveller and backpacker, I want to share my saying about packing my life into a 40LT backpack with the forecast of being in warm countries for a couple of months. This was part of my wardrobe until a few days ago:    

My heart is calling home

For a moment this morning I wished I was back home. Where’s home? Till some time ago, I thought my home was Dublin. Then I went off travelling and I discovered that it is worth investing time and money to explore this planet. To get your life more adventurous, before

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