Category: Aesthetic

How many dreams you have?

The last dream I had, which eventually turned into a plan, was to travel solo to Asia for some time. I truly enjoyed every single moment of that trip. It was also very challenging, way more than I thought (not because of the places I visited: Asia is actually a

Sunrise and blue jeans

To the girl of last year, leaving Holland with a 40lt backpack, a wounded heart and no destination nor direction, today I say Well done, Chiara While soft lights embrace me all over, I see my heart smiling and can’t resist smiling back at it. There is a special silence

Uncomfortable state of humankind

There is an ultimate determination about the status of being human which I like to remind myself every time I tend to deliver (part of) my meaning to someone or something else out of me. To an external representation of pleasure, happiness, purpose. This normally comes with a bitter taste

Souls of my days

There are eyes crossing mine, every day. Smiles disguising horrors. Laughs so loud that can make a house shaking. Then I accidentally listen to the quickest movements and suddenly big truths strip the silky veils. When I catch dark lights right on a blink of an eye. What I truly

What travelling means to me

I’m an avid reader. My kindle is loaded with 300 books and I love checking out blogs, articles, Instagram pictures with captions. I love inspirations. I love learning new things, especially when they are related to other cultures, languages or points of view totally different from mine. I love discovering

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