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Tips for (long term) travellers on a budget

#1 Travel overnight It saves you the accommodation price, and once you get to your destination, you’ll have a full day ahead. If you choose to sleep at the airport, make sure no one will kick you out via This website provides worldwide airport info (i.e., search for JFK

The locked room

There’s a room with lots of words.   I love you I am not enough I shouldn’t do this That’s too much …   I keep walking inside the room, looking at all I see. I can touch these words. They seem real. When I have enough, because there is

How many dreams you have?

The last dream I had, which eventually turned into a plan, was to travel solo to Asia for some time. I truly enjoyed every single moment of that trip. It was also very challenging, way more than I thought (not because of the places I visited: Asia is actually a

Sunrise and blue jeans

To the girl of last year, leaving Holland with a 40lt backpack, a wounded heart and no destination nor direction, today I say Well done, Chiara While soft lights embrace me all over, I see my heart smiling and can’t resist smiling back at it. There is a special silence

Drunk from life

I woke up a bit more than one hour ago, feeling fairly well. I slept like 6 hours, maybe more. I was a bit exhausted from the tours and walks of two days ago. I set up myself here in my living room, with my coffee and everything ready to work. Started

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