An excerpt from my upcoming poetry book

One of my poems has just been published by La Scrittrice lit mag.

This is the full version, as it will appear in my book ‘Aris and Artemis – poems of love and letting go’.

I hope you will enjoy reading it 🙂

Chapter 14


I walk on the 

street, my 

best friend next

to me, dusk waxing 

our skin. I remember 

our first stroll to


the Linguistics campus, her 

glittery freckled 

smile cheap spiral 

notebooks tiled


balcony flooded in 

sex memories. Back to the homebirth


puddle, her red noisy

Passat – a station

wagon as big as our envied

belly laughter – still belting

summer hits. That was before


we started rockin’ 

marble glances on 

cemetery induction

days, a series of

catwalks smearing our


twenties vanilla-flowered

skies, like the one with mahogany 

casket carrying 

my mother. Now she


praises the younger ex as a prodigal 

son, and we keep walking one

next to the other – but tonight, every silence


is a leap off the icy truffle 

Belgian concrete. I swoop on wobbly


reverie, twisting from 

white to

pink like cotton 

candy on Sunday 

morning funfairs, and


up there you stand, Aris. Not a 


shock, I know you can invade even

gravity, and the realms of my

rambling heart.


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