The locked room

There’s a room with lots of words.


I love you

I am not enough

I shouldn’t do this

That’s too much


I keep walking inside the room, looking at all I see.

I can touch these words. They seem real.

When I have enough, because there is always a moment I have enough, I walk past all of them.

I open the door, exit and lock it.


I am outside. Now I am outside living my life.

When I do this I am actually able to visualize myself getting rid of all the unnecessary things polluting my well being.


For this reason, every time life gets too much or too less of something I do this exercise with my thoughts.

Sometimes I do it with my feelings too, because even those can be passengers.

They come in waves, hit us hard and let us sink in an ocean made of wonders and leave us thirsty once they are gone.

The path to harmony is hard but being willing to want it is how we actually start stepping on it.


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