Bangkok for a beginner

This morning I woke up after 2 hours of heavy sleep – the only one I got since I left Portugal 2 days ago – and the world seemed still. Even doing nothing in front of a cup of coffee in Bangkok is an experience. For me, a lot was (and is) about listening to my body adjusting to such a new world.

Despite the mosquitos, the dirt everywhere and the DEET smell which I think my nose is already filled up with, I truly was in love with every single breath I took. I had some breakfast at the hostel, grabbed my Lonely Planet guide and headed to one of the most iconic places in this city, the Wat Pho. This still unusual heat grabbed me as a fierce stormtrooper. I believe I will never ever complain anymore for a hot day in Europe! After a 20 mins walk and a 100TBH (= about 2.5 EUR) ticket there I was, strolling inside the place (even though some parts are under maintenance).

For someone born and raised in a totally different culture, walking here it’s like jumping inside a book. However, the huge amount of tourists seemed to compete with the Thai presence, often stopped in prayers. Travelling is to discover our own beliefs mostly sewed where we grew up and why we may see something in a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ light. The cultural weight religions keep is so underestimated when we stay in our comfort zone. Things are just normal that way because we have been always seeing them as such since the beginning of our days…isn’t it?

This reason is enough to make me call this day perfect and jot down this thought – before the excitement of seeing too many temples will probably fade away considering it’s an Asian routine.

Nation and religion go hand in hand in Thailand and Wat Pho is a perfect example, being built as a royal monastery and a temple during the 16th century. To me, it was an amazing first introduction to this country.

And yes, I can’t wait for tomorrow 🙂



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