Since I have been living my way

Every day is truly a new day.

There is a recycling of energies and ideas and colors that give me life.

I feel I am finally holding the right brush to paint my days just as I want them to be.

Since I left Holland and a permanent job, as weird as it may sound, I have been working a lot more. I cleaned pig’s spots and screwed my hands to shape hard rubbers of vegetables watering systems. I woke up at 5.30 a.m. to prepare detox juices in yoga retreat centers and I cleaned B&B rooms for countless hours in a row.

There is no such thing as traveling and enjoying only sightseeings and restaurants for me. There is more than the pictures you can see in my Instagram account because I don’t belong to those who left their homes with a happy bank account. Sometimes working has been hard, especially when planting or gardening under the hot Mediterranean midday sun. Some other times I have been longing for the same warmth when all I could smell was bleach inside dirty hostels’ toilettes.

Before leaving my last rented house and a stable job, I spent more than one year studying a fair amount of bloggers and travel nomads. At the very beginning, my focus was not on those living everyone’s dream life though but I opted for the ones who failed. I studied every word of disillusioned who left their country penniless to chase their dreams.

And even though I know it is possible to travel without money and I’ve met friends who do so, for a personal choice I always want to have a plan B if something goes wrong. Most of the times, considering the era where we live in, a quick plan B has to involve money. Sad but true. We can’t always think good hearted people will be out there to help us when we will be in need, even though there are way MORE of this kind of people of what we can ever think.

Through the ones who came back home defeated, I learned that besides a lack of realism and a living based on novelties, failure often isn’t given by what we believe we are going to find out there on the road rather than unforeseen circumstances.

The ATM doesn’t work and I have no cash to pay my bed. I may lose my bag somewhere. The list is endless.

In January I gave away everything I owned fully aware that my funds would not last more than a couple of months. I gathered all the courage I had left and I made it. I gave up my stable life much earlier than originally planned because I couldn’t bare a day more where I was, doing what I was doing. It was like living in a prison where the only one secluding myself was the other side of myself. The one trying to shut up my screaming heart. The one trying to postpone the day because conditions were not good enough yet.

Now I can write that since I have been living my way, there is no such thing as dissatisfaction, even when days are harder than it used to be.

I volunteer when I can. I hitchhike when I have time. I skip a meal if I can get one for free to fill myself as much as I can.

I choose to be happy every single day, this is how I live good. I choose to find the time to do the things I love despite how many hours I have to stay working. I can do this and many other things even when all the hours contained in a day seem to slip away because I would like to do much more, still.

How far those days seem, of when I had all the money I needed (and even the money I didn’t need) but I wasn’t feeling like doing not even one single thing among all the things I love doing!

There is a melody which plays silently inside me since I feel I have been living my way.

The way maybe most of my friends or relatives will never get. It does take a lot of open mindedness to understand how each individual is unique and worthy exactly the way he or she is.

Under this point of view travelling is maybe the best detector we have to find multiple and equally estimable truths. If we are confined to living the same life in the same place all our life, it seems unlikely that we will welcome different points of view. We might believe we are always 100% right because our eyes have been seeing the same scenario and our ears have been accustomed to the same rhythm with little or no chance to diversity.

Every day, all day, all our life.

But how many lives we have at our disposal if not this one only we are in? The clock ticks and does not wait for us…

The universe is generous and kind but we need to leave the door open…accepting the love we may receive. Willing to grow in it and see ourselves mirrored for the beings we are becoming.

I am now based in Portugal and I find this country very inspiring.

I love discovering such an authentic place. A country very small on the map with a big heart, an exciting past and a surprisingly innovative present. I love the pride these people show and feel for their own nation and the smiley warmth they gift every visitor with.

It feels so good being here that I wish I could open my chest to show you how, since I have been living my way, it is an endless repetition of natural behaviors and actions and feelings and movements and stillness that just feel right.

This post, despite the outward look, is far from encouraging you to leave all your belongings and take the first flight with little or no plan. For all of you who dream about traveling full time and sigh when looking at perfect travelers’ dream life on Facebook, please, do me a favor:

Don’t believe them

Don’t believe them unless you know exactly what does it take before you can enjoy a full time traveling life. Don’t trust those selfies beside paradise destinations if it’s not clear for how long these travellers saved. What stands behind this ‘hopping from places to places’ with the serendipity that anything can happen and they would always be fine?

Even though I am not popular myself and it may seem I have little right to say mine about this subject, please do me a second favor: try not to believe even in what you read in this post too much.

We all are different beings and we see the world differently. We breathe life using our personal understanding and perception system. We follow our gut or we just can go with the flow.

Just do your homework before taking the plunge and play smart 😉


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