How I lose my ego

I help out.

I smile while I shift the focus from me to the one who is next to me.

I want to climb down from the stage where my parents put me when I was born.

I am not the only one populating this planet and I am as worthy as anyone else of love, compassion and understanding.

Volunteering in exchange for accommodation is not the only way to travel without running towards the first job I find because I am in need of money.

I chose on purpose to start this way of living for some time because I want to touch with my bare hands new realities. Places where people gather together and share one idea. When despite those sudden blue and grey days,  there will still be a sparkle of light at the end of almost every glance I come across.

The poorer they are, the fewer prepacked resources they use, the more authentic they want to stay, the more likely I will be happy to walk on their path for some time.

I think travelling is determinant to understand it is possible to live peacefully. Not to forget about the bad news we hear every day but always training our gut instict combined with pure trust.

Like kids, who fear no one and are able to love unconditionally because this is rooted in our nature. It’s when we grow up that our pride kicks and we unlearn how to be humble.

For what life is teaching me through this full time travelling experience, I can tell you that volunteering it’s probably the best way to remember it is not always about me.



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