My first book is out!

***UPDATE*** The self-publishing company I chose has now shut down. I am working on the second edition of my book***

Every day when I wake up I feel a new beginning starting. I truly try to stay mindful and do things that make me happy as much as I can. This is my personal secret to living well and the reminder for those ‘blue days’ as nothing is permanent, so even our mood swings.

But today it is truly a special day and I am happy to share my happiness with you.

Why do you feel the need to write a book?  – somebody asked me a few days ago.

The answer is as simple as it is: I have something I want to share with everyone. Something special that I would like to be permanent and immortal.

I truly don’t care about selling and who will read my things.

To me, writing is the most natural thing I have ever done in my life since I was able to grab a pen. I have tons and tons of materials scattered in all the places I lived and may this era and the cloud be blessed for making the life of  a nomad like me easier.

This is the first work I decided to publish and it’s more an attempt. I want to see what does it take to work as a self-publisher and I want to get deep into this kind of procedure because I have more important projects I want to bring to an end and publish.

This first book is a collection of short poems, which could have had a second subtitle sounding like ‘words poured down from my heart’. Every chapter is a section of a love story written by Artemis, who is the female character. There is an obvious recall to Greece as both the protagonists in my fantasy are human but also Greek goodness-like.

Despite the imagination, as every book, also this one reminds of something personal. It is about love, passion and the most intimate confession of someone who lives an emotion which is not reciprocated anymore.

I would love to hear what you can understand and get from my words. I hope that even a tiny bit of what I envisioned in my head and in my heart will be transmitted and that something could last in you, either in a positive or even adverse way.

You can download the e-book for free on many platforms which are listed here.

Can I officially say I am a writer now? 🙂

tablet 3d Aris



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