Souls of my days

There are eyes crossing mine, every day.

Smiles disguising horrors. Laughs so loud that can make a house shaking.

Then I accidentally listen to the quickest movements and suddenly big truths strip the silky veils. When I catch dark lights right on a blink of an eye.

What I truly adore about my everyday is meeting the eyes of all of you out there.

They are our most intimate limits because can hold the hands of the watcher till the boundary is revealed.

If we allow it, the place where we leave the material is there. And can be shown.

Sometimes we would like to cheat but if we deny what we see in someone else is either lack of observation or a voluntary claim of fake blindness.

At times is easier to pretend nothing is there. It is better to say ok, I believe you if things start to get difficult.

Why complicating our life, after all?

Why all this need to be true?

I love catching glances on every different face I am able to come across.

Among the newest smell I notice, after a thousands shades of sunset.

I follow the flow of this way of living while I can’t stop being grateful for enjoying a deep awareness brought by living in the moment.

The attention that I can put into my everyday life gives me a thousand rewards.

But it is when I lose myself in the eyes of whomever I know or I don’t that something magic can happen.

It is right there when I truly feel grateful and sometimes, out of the blue, for almost no reason at all, I feel tears coming out and I have to stay strong and keep them inside.

It’s like I am hugging everyone on this earth, all at once.

Something big grows inside me and it’s the realisation that we are all here, fighting our everyday battles as well as enjoying every bit of good we can experience. There are those who will focus more on small things while I know some – like me – who learnt to laugh out loud because they just don’t want to care too much.

We are all here, blessed for being healthy and still alive and every single morning our eyes open, there is time and space and possibilities and ice creams and friends and red wine and music and sun and snow and love and talks and pizza and tears and rivers and all that we allow into our life to be just there, with us.

I want souls into my days and eyes and grab every act of love and kindness, throwing back to the sender every negativity posted to breach in – including when the sender is just myself.

Good vibes only, please!


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