My feet are itching!

My latest and greatest effort is staying faithful to a life of dreams and authentic things while living in a society and loaded in a dry corporation . Days go by because hours of my life are ticking on the clock of my biological life which won’t last forever.

But yet, while everyone next to me is talking about getting married or making money, I go everyday at my desk with a smile on my face because of the long term goal behind the current action.

Everyday I go at my desk, I stare at the excel file and I see jumping kangaroos in Australia. I see myself free from any plastic worlds because it is nature which I long for. The only system I truly believe in.

I want to live a life faithful to my heart and fill it with adventures.

I want to read, learn and read more and discover more till the day I will feel this way.

I go to my daily meetings and my biggest treat is looking through those big windows, watching the birds playing in the sky. And while I am lost, swimming somewhere far inside myself, I sometimes stare at my colleagues eyes and I wonder what is crossing their minds. 

Money, businesses dates, obligations…where will all eventually go?

I want to make stories to tell one day to my grandchildren.

Is there any room for our partner? Or our sick friend? And what about that passion we always wanted to pursue?

I go to the office everyday with a smile on my face because I know that for just a bit more this will serve my purposes. I never forget to look for the lesson hidden behind my struggles, especially even when my strength and patience seem too tired for not fading away.

Sometimes I willingly listen to the comments of those scared eyes continuously looking for confirmation.

I fly over the volume of their barks. I forget disturbing words that carry no respect for diversity promoting a careless attitude towards our planet and the human beings populating it.

If you are also silently working for your life dream, simply think that whatever is far from where you want to be, this too will pass.

You only have to work for it because no one can do it for you.

When it seems you can’t take it anymore and the world is falling down, don’t look further than 15 mins ahead of you.

Accepts your difficult moment, be aware of yourself and soon you will be where your heart tells you.

Just don’t give up 🙂

Never stop feeding your soul, whatever this could mean for you!


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