Why I am not sorry anymore

I used to be sorry in my past for the person I was turning into but it has been a while I stopped.

You know why?

Because people, no matter how deeply they love you, they always will do what is better for themselves.

I do believe, after all, that this is the best way of living. It brings you peace. It sets you free. Believing that this is not how it works means procrastinating into a mindset which will constantly make you dependent from something else. From someone else.

Who really loves you, will understand.

Who really listens to the sound of your words, will find the meaning of your actions hidden underneath scars. And sleepless nights. And the loudest laughs.

So I won’t look for excuses anymore when people they will think I am crazy. Or mad. Or careless.

I won’t find excuses for myself when living a life I feel I am not fitting in, because “it is right doing instead…”

Doing what? For whom?

Waking up and feeling full of life and energetic and happy to breathe is all I am aiming at during my days.

And when grey mornings will come, they will be alright too because change is part of our rhythm and a complete palette has blue and white next to red and green.

So I have already decided for myself. I do hope you will do the same for you as well because if there is something I can say out loud is:


Believe it or not, you won’t be here forever.

It is not worth postponing things which can be done right now, today or in a very short amount of time.

For this reason, I am not sorry anymore for the decisions I will take, as long as deep inside myself those are the things I feel right doing.

Everytime I had lived truly from my heart, I experienced lifelong lessons, memories and snaps which will never leave me.

And the bad ones, are the ones from which I have learnt the most valuable lessons.

My mind and the snobbiest side of my ego won’t be excused anymore.

At the end, it is all about the journey.

Whatever society tell us everyday has nothing to do with a worth living life, not under the terms we are accustomed with.




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