I think people generally fear the aging factor.

They probably feel the pages falling from their biological calendar a lot more than should be.

Maybe that is why they end up hiding their years when asked. Sometimes they blush and some other times they may get indignant about the request, especially women.

I see many friends digging into heavy parties in order to get some visibility. It does make sense when you like partying hard and when you are friend of mine – cause I love it too and I wait for your birthday with the same excitement.

But it does make me think when people are a bit astonished if I don’t like putting my date of birth in Facebook, so that I will know how many people really remember my birthday.

If I am at work, I don’t like saying it loud because it’s my thing. But you are more than welcomed to join me for drinks after, because there it’s the place I choose to be in – not where I am restricted.

The older I get, the more fun I have. The clearer things appear to my eyes. When they don’t, I love finding the way to make them right again.

I am starting to fear the aging factor too, you know.


Chiaraswor(l)ds 2016 ©

If I am this happy, contented and excited – how much can it actually grow?

Because now that I have been 32 since a bit more than 24 hours, this is how I feel. I just can’t stop smiling if I think about my present and the million things I can see and do in this life!

It does makes me smile more thinking about all the wonderful people I still have to meet. My dearest old ones, with whom I love sharing many things. The ones who came to leave me soon, for the lessons learnt. I do even thank them for teaching me how to be strong and stand back up when I fall.


Thank you all for helping in making my life memorable.






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