The key is to live this moment

Yesterday I met someone with whom something special happened last year, during the summer. We spent more time texting than in real life, as it was a quick summer romance thing. Very strong I have to say, it was beautiful. But many people on holidays experience that and probably each story carries its own beauty, secrets and a bit of mystery.

I think the reason behind it is that being on holidays is the real carefree time – my future, full time, long-term career goal by the way – . But it is true that you are different. No schedules, no time, no plans, always free. This is just beautiful. This is the time when you really can say you leave the mask you wear back at home and enjoy your truly being for a while. You see things extracted from their roots, you get to the point, you go simple. So probably that is why a holiday romance is always so unforgettable. We don’t bother about anything, we just love. In a normal life, we are too busy to run to the office to appreciate feelings, things that make us smile and make our heart at ease.

That’s why I want to be a nomad. I want to be always with my eyes wide shut, my heart pumped and ready to feel everyone and everything that is crossing my path.

Yesterday I learnt another lesson, that I already knew in theory. And also in practice, as I try to meditate the longest time possible during my days. But I needed this shake.

Live only in the present moment. This is especially addressed to women, as we use to overthink a lot more than men.

Life flows. It is a continuous change and I am happy I have abandoned the idea of fighting the events and getting sick if things do not go my way, already time ago. Or bother people if they say no or do not react as they would have done some while ago.

No, We are all free.

The same way we don’t want to be told what to do, we have to respect the others ways of being, their moments, their moods. It is almost impossible to be always coordinated. Your woman wants to make love and you have your job to get done. Your man wants to have sex and you are waiting for your period. And sex can be watching a movie, cooking, making  a trip, caressing, hugging.

Being silent.

We will never want the same things at the same time.

I am grateful to everyone who is truly happy to share part of him/her with me, for a night or for a lifetime.

But I want a true time.




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