Loving everything is loving you ♥

I wish you to share the same beautiful, peaceful feeling.

I wish you to wake up and smile. Smile to the flowers and the stars, to the neighbours, to the colleagues in the office. Smile to the grumpy ones, the ones you don’t like so much.

I wish everyone not to get angry, or disappointed. What a waste of energy. For nothing, nothing at all.

I wish you to be kind with everyone else, as much as you are with yourself.

I wish everyone to accept the things which are not so nice. Accept what is going on whilst working towards those secret, personal dreams. Accept also the things which appear difficult: our own personal change, that has to be embraced.

Everything change. You, me, the seasons, our thoughts, the weather and the colour of the day. Your feelings change, your husband’s feelings change. Your kids grow up and change. Everything, everyone is a constant change.

I wish everyone to really be able to feel the freedom running up and down for our souls. Forget about what the other said, forget about what disappointed me yesterday. Forget about how difficult, unexciting and hard can be tomorrow. It will only if you allow it because perspective rules.

I would love to see you and everyone to stop wishing a good 2016, unless we would pray for it to happen everyday. We all should say, everyday Have a nice day! Be happy!Smile! Now. On this bed, this moment, life is so beautiful. It is so exciting. I am alive and I can fully breathe.

Life is an endless wonder. It is beautiful and it is unknown, uncertain. Every moment, every day, every second, will be different from as it is and it will probably also be different from the way you and me, we want them to be.

If we all would think, for one second, that the solution is not to change the world. The solution is inside us, we have it already. We have to adjust ourselves in relation to the world. It is not about what we think now: this is just thinking. Tomorrow, in 10 minutes, it will be again, already, different.

We are being.

In practising such way, even our own death, will be a dance. But it is not time yet, so let’s think about our actual celebration!

I wish everyone, to be always, always happy.

Love, be silent, love.

*Repeat mode on*

Additional greets 🙂

Loving you, is loving everything. Loving everything, is loving you.

(Tai Sheridan)


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