The “hook up” shirt

There is a particular sign among the Irish guys who hang out that can’t be left undisclosed. I like to call it the hook up shirt.
This piece of clothing deserves a proper and independent article at the dawn of my blog.

The hook up shirt characterizes the Irish male gender from a very early stage of life though can be noticed across all ages. Sometimes even at senile levels, as suggested by its bravest examples.
Common even in offices environment on no-dress code Fridays – and you all know what I mean here –  its remarkable fame can get easily honoured when the male gender moves in group for crazy night outs. That means in Ireland: every night out. The checkered shirts will go with the usual loud group-laughs and grave tone of voices scamming for the craic.

Rows and columns of men queuing at Flannery’s on Fridays or Cowper’s on Mondays are the exact target of my speech. Yes, I am talking about you, h***y Irish men ^..^

It is not an unrevealed mystery that most of these guys are in fact singles, even when they just pretend to. The fact that the yellow ring is sometimes still hanging from the finger, well…this it is a funny optional, a small detail.

I will be very honest here. I am not the kind of person who looks disgusted when you hear those stories about someone who hooks you up, romantic and charming, kisses you with soft lips all night long and whatever you want to think beyond this and, after having given you the phone number (or whatever looks like it), the day after dissolves his shade towards a grey Irish dizzy morning. (Don’t try to ring that number if you aren’t sure. I know someone who got the call picked from someone in Domino’s – and she said she wasn’t looking for sausages).

This happens everywhere in the modern world and it’s a fact. We normally define it as “one night stand” or casual encounter but the very Irish peculiarity here is that most of the times, if you want to have fun, you need to follow the hooky, chequered shirt (and you probably won’t be disappointed).

After 3 years of active social life, I can distinguish among the different kind of personalities, general tastes and sexual inclinations depending on the colours of the clothing. My girlfriends are able to pay me several gin tonics at the end of the night before the bar shuts down, in exchange of my last time consultation.   {=^;^=}

The RED it is likely to spread among the “neutral” kind of guys. What I mean here is that often when this shade prevails the subject is probably very shy and will take action only when the level of alcohol is bigger than the amount of cash he loaned from his friends if the payday is still a mirage. He will probably try to come into contact with the help of another fella even when the target is self-contained in just one girl. Well…best of luck guys! If Jameson is a good friend, that will help!

This second guy might probably be the BLUE (horny, brave and at times arrogant) or the RAINBOW kind, with lighter colours and bigger squares, aka: the funny one. Of course, red ones prefer the company of the rainbows in order not to fall behind theBLUE ‘s shadow. But I think I saw much more times girls crawling for the rainbow kind than for the “macho-I know-it-all guy”, if they still have a neuron swimming into their happy brain.

Because the rainbow is sharp. He can even be witty when he tries better. Maybe he can even guess you are not Brazilian without giving a sneaky look at your bump (!) .
It is now when his friends (yes, I am talking about you, BLUE silhouettes!) will start to battle showing their polyglot skills in a sort of timeless duels. As quick as gunshots. Guys, you would do better going back to tequila shots… just saying’!

Colourful and brainstorming conversations are in place when it’s still too early though.

If you truly want to experience what I just wrote, I would highly recommend the fair sex to get out half sober but when it’s very late ( 10 p.m. would work just fine) and there is no hope to corrupt the barman with your 50 note still well ironed and AIB smelling alike.
I know it isn’t easy and we get thirsty when rocking the streets with our girlfriends.

But do try once, get out and mix and match your own hooky shirt.


  One thought on “The “hook up” shirt

  1. Vilina Christoph
    January 18, 2016 at 11:13 pm

    Wow, spot on! You have a keen eye for details. Ireland misses you 😉


    • Chiara
      January 20, 2016 at 10:09 pm

      Thank you! I miss Ireland too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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